Volunteer Spotlight – Ivan

Volunteers are the heart of our Festival! Over the next few months we are going to showcase some of the amazing people who dedicate their time to help keep the Festival running.

Meet Ivan. 2013 is his first year volunteering with the Festival.

Ivan's portrait _2Hi, my name is Ivan. I am an entrepreneur and co-owner of the Coffee News® Publication in Toronto, and I am a firm believer of a better world through education, fair trade, and a greener future.

I love being involved in the Regent Park Film Festival and as a Regent Park resident, I love to see our community flourish through education and the arts.  I enjoy helping out, not only through our publication, but most importantly volunteering during the festival. It is a rewarding experience to be part of the amazing team of people that works together to bring the festival to life.

For more information on becoming a volunteer visit the Get Involved section of our website.