Screening: Hunky Dory


Screening of Hunky Dory 

049b - Hunky Dory

Come out to our co-presentation of Hunky Dory with Inside Out Toronto Film Festival.

When: Tuesday, May 31 at 9:45pm 

Where:  TIFF Bell Light Box Theatre, Cinema 2

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Restricted to persons 18 or older

About the film: 

Sidney is a down-on-his-luck Los Angeles drag queen who holds onto his dreams of rock stardom even as he spends his evenings performing to sparse crowds in dive bars, in Michael Curtis Johnson’s feature debut.

Sidney’s constant search for cash, drugs and sex (with men and women) is interrupted when he finds his 11-year-old son Georgie in his apartment, dropped off by Sidney’s ex who has left town without warning or explanation. As Sidney struggles with his unexpected responsibility, he moves between moments of tenderness, tragedy and desperation as he tries to maintain Georgie’s vision of his rock star dad.

Featuring compelling performances by co-screenwriter Tomas Pais as Sidney and Edouard Holdener as Georgie, Hunky Dory balances intense drama with lighthearted comic moments while exploring a world of unique characters whose relationships defy expectations.

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