InsideOUT: Heartstone

| TIFF Bell Lightbox


Please join us for our co-presentation of Heartstone at this year’s InsideOUT Toronto LGBT Film Festival!

When: Thursday, June 1st at 9:30pm
Where: TIFF Bell Lightbox – Cinema 1
350 King Street West
Tickets: Available here 

From InsideOUT LGBT Film Festival’s website: 

Guðmundsson’s feature debut, Heartstone, is a beautifully rendered and sensitive story of two boys living in a small town. In the same way that their turbulent sexual and emotional states are immediately familiar, so too is their unmistakable sense of hope amid the realities of growing up.

Set against the brooding backdrop of a rural Icelandic fishing village, Christian and Thor are best friends on the cusp of puberty. They both have difficult home lives. Christian’s alcoholic father is abusive and Thor’s single mother is back on the dating scene, leaving him in the custody of his two bullying older sisters. Yet the boys find solace in each other’s company. Just when Christian’s feelings toward Thor grow more complicated, two local girls enter the picture, leaving a friendship irrevocably changed.

Grounded by two outstanding performances from the young leads, Heartstone offers a raw, understated glimpse into the awkward, often painful promise of youth.


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