Facility Rental

booking the micro-space

Need a space for workshops, screenings, auditions, rehearsals, or to hold a meeting?

The Micro-Space Offers

  • 400 sq ft multi-purpose design.
  • easily accessed location in Daniels Spectrum (Dundas St. east of Parliament).
  • affordable for price range for businesses, community groups and artists.
  • WiFi Access, tables, chairs.

Renting the Micro-Space helps to support the mission of keeping Regent Park Film Festival programming free and accessible for all during our annual 4-day Festival in November.

Steps to booking the Micro-Space:

1. Please read our RPFF Rental Rates & Fees for pricing and payment methods.

2. Please check the Micro-Space Calendar to see what dates are available for your rental request.

3. Fill out the Rental Request Form and submit for processing.  A confirmation email will be sent within 1-3 business days.

The Micro-Space is currently available as a multi-purpose meeting, rehearsal or audition space. Please contact us for more specific inquiries at amanda@regentparkfilmfestival.com.